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UBI- Universal Basic Income  

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BY3K people will be dependent on the "system" for basic sustenance but UBI (Universal Basic Income) will not be much different from social welfare except that it will be lower than normal standards unless specific paperwork is applied for. Once that is submitted, one can level up to a normalized standard. 

Here is the comical part. Everyone who (except "nomads") will be on UBI including the elite, but UBI will be the system by which goods and services are paid for. This means that a cap can be applied as well. This prevents the "Matthew Effect" from taking over the capitalistic base of the then current economic system. And even more alarming is that the determined income cap at that time will be as much and no more than what the President or Prime Minister of each country or entity makes. This by no means will impede economic growth because business will operate in a much greater and less controlled environment than personal incomes.  

The other catch to BY3K income is that potential capital or credit available to each "individual" (including companies) can expire. Yes, each credit or "capital" usage amount will have a countdown. Sounds crazy today, but it will be a normal thing in the future and it will work quite well. The system infuses more capital into itself and will generate a much more prosperous economy as well as cover what once used to be called taxes. Taxes will become smaller and smaller (less and less) as time goes on until we reach the above system as it is described above.  Later more can be explained but this is just the tip of the iceburg. Thanks for reading! いつもニコニコ

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Thank you for this post about UBI

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